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2019 Call Stats
Fire EMS Total
Jan 26 32 58
Feb 22 47 69
Total 48 79 127

2019 Training Hours
Jan 97
Feb 328
Total 425

2018 Call Stats
Fire EMS Total
Jan 30 36 66
Feb 20 36 56
Mar 43 35 78
April 29 35 64
May 25 46 71
June 46 57 103
July 39 56 95
Aug 40 56 96
Sept 30 52 82
Oct 34 34 68
Nov 36 27 63
Dec 31 26 57
Total 403 496 899

2018 Training Hours
Jan 159
Feb 115
Mar 92
Apr 180
May 193
Jun 266
Jul 144
Aug 216
Sep 101
Oct 90
Nov 144
Dec 57
Total 1757

Past Call Stats
2017 744
2016 921
2015 796
2014 684
2013 579
2012 450
2011 289
2010 369

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November 4, 2006

Radio Frequencies
Main Dispatch:
151.0625 Hz
Additional Frequency:
46.50 Hz
Fireground Ops:
46.28 Hz

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Statements of Qualification

Operating Committee At-Large Member Candidates

2017 District Annual Meeting



Richard Thomsen – One Year Term July 2017 – July 2018

My name is Richard Thomsen and I have resided at West Beach Road in Charlestown since my retirement seven years ago and, prior to that, I was a summer resident of Charlestown all of my life.  I am a graduate of the University of Connecticut and retired from my employment with the Town of West Hartford, CT, where I worked for over 30 years.  I am currently a volunteer member of the Dunn’s Corners Fire Department.  I am also the owner of significant properties in Charlestown and pay a lot of Charlestown and DCFD property taxes.  My goal is twofold.  I wish to give back to the community I truly love by donating my time to the DCFD.  I also am very conscious about property taxes and want to make sure all DCFD taxpayers receive good value for the taxes they pay.  It is for these reasons that I seek a position on the DCFD Operating Committee.

Thank You

Richard E Thomsen


Matthew Thomsen – Two Year Term July 2017 – July 2019

I wish to continue to serve as a member of the DCFD Operating Committee for a number of reasons.  Primarily, I feel I have an obligation to give back to a community that my family lives and thrives in and that I, personally, have a deep affinity for.  I have a skill set that serves the DCFD well.  I am a licensed attorney (for 30 years plus) and have practiced here in Westerly for over 28 years.  I have and continue to represent other fire districts, which provides me with the knowledge of how these other organizations work and learn from them.  I am very familiar with the workings of the Towns of Westerly and Charlestown governments, the Rhode Island State government, and the many agencies that have some type of control over the lands of the DCFD or those contracted to the DCFD.  I know of all of the people who work for or are elected to these entities that have or may have an impact on the DCFD.  Finally, it is my utmost desire to ensure my fellow taxpayers that we have the most effective fire department possible to handle fire and other emergency situations within the domain of the DCFD for the most reasonable cost, resulting in giving every DCFD taxpayer excellent value for their tax dollars.


Kenneth C. Martin - Two Year Term July 2017 – July 2019

I have been a resident of the Dunn’s Corners Fire District since 1963, and became a member of the Dunn’s Corners Fire Department in 1969. I have served the fire district in the following capacities throughout the years:

3rd Assistant Chief            Asst. Deputy State Fire Marshal                2 Building Committees  

2nd Assistant Chief            Board of Finance                                       5 Apparatus Purchasing Committees

1st Deputy Chief                District Operating Committee                   2 Chief Selection Committees

Acting Chief                      2 Charter Revision Committees


I have obtained in excess of $300,000.00 in grant funds which were used to purchase various firefighting equipment (personal protective equipment, self-contained breathing apparatus, breathing air compressor/cascade system and fill station, spare air bottles and masks, training materials and more). These were funds that our taxpayers did not have to dig deep for. I also co-wrote, along with Chief Frink, the federal AFG Grant currently under consideration to replace our self-contained breathing apparatus system.

I have been active in the R.I. State Firefighters League, and have served as the Recording secretary for a dozen years or more. I have been actively involved in all of the contract negotiations with all of the smaller districts that we provide with emergency services.

I would like to continue to serve the district, its taxpayers, residents, guests and visitors, as well as our contracting districts and last but not least, the firefighters and emergency medical technicians who provide the critically necessary services our community has received and has come to expect. My aim is to maintain services that are top-notch, while striving to keep taxes as low and affordable as possible.

Thank you for your consideration,

Kenneth C. Martin

Member-at Large, District Operating Committee

Dunn’s Corners Fire District

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