Bob Delaney- Notice of Qualification For Re-Election
By Webmaster
June 8, 2020

Notice of qualifications for operating committee:

My name is Bob Delaney, I first moved into the District in 1986 and I have been involved with the DCFD since 2007 first serving with the department and currently with the District. I work on the financial side of the District's operations as Treasurer and assist with other matters such as contracting district negotiations. I have always worked hard to see to it that the department members are well treated and equipped with the best life safety PPE of their choice. I have negotiated the financing of the truck and equipment purchases for many years helping to ensure that our taxpayers get strong value for their tax dollars.. I have participated in the budget formulation and contract negotiations with each of the 4 contracting districts helping to ensure that DCFD taxpayers are not subsidizing the coverage of non District areas. I don't shy away from speaking up when I feel that something is not in the best interest of DCFD's taxpayers, I would appreciate your consideration when casting your vote.


Bob Delaney