Message to the Taxpayers from OC Member Kenneth Martin
By Web Admin
June 25, 2019

To the taxpayers and residents of the Dunn’s Corners Fire District:

My name is Kenneth C. Martin. I have served you for more than fifty years. I started at 16, answering emergency phone calls (for D.C.F.D.) and radio communications (for D.C.F.D. & ten other depts.) in Ed Greene’s (first D.C. Fire Chief) general store. I joined the Dunn’s Corners Fire Department while I was seventeen as a junior member, and am still a member. I moved up to first Lieutenant and served in all officers positions including Acting Chief. I was on two building committees (both stations), five apparatus purchasing committees (including our current Tanker 1 and Tower Ladder), two Chief (full time) selection committees and more. I held an EMT license for over twenty years, was an Assistant Deputy State Fire Marshal (fire alarms section) for a number of years and served on the original regional Haz-Mat Team out of Hope Valley. I was a member of the District Finance Committee for a number of years before there was a District Operating Committee. I represent the D.C.F.D. on the R.I. State Firefighters’ League, where I have been the Recording Secretary for more than a dozen years. I offer this information to establish my involvement with and knowledge of the operations and business of both the fire department and the fire district.