Message to the Taxpayers from OC Nominee Matthew Manni
By Web Admin
June 12, 2018

My name is Matthew Manni, I have resided on Healey Brook Drive in Charlestown since 2001. I am a graduate of Providence College and am currently employed with the Town of West Warwick, RI, where I have served as a career firefighter for 23 years. I have been assigned to the West Warwick Fire Marshal’s office since 2011, where I served as Fire Inspector, and currently serve as the Assistant Fire Marshal at the rank of Lieutenant.

I also serve as a traffic constable for the Charlestown Police Department, where I have also served as a police dispatcher. I have also served as a member of our country’s armed forces from 1989 until 1995 as an Army Tactical Satellite/Microwave Systems Operator, then as an aircraft firefighter for the RI Air National Guard. Now, I wish to submit my name for consideration to the operating committee because I firmly believe that our firefighters should be well equipped and trained to meet the ever-evolving emergencies that first responders face daily. While Charlestown and Westerly are highly seasonal towns, a growing residential and commercial populace require a fire department that can adapt, and grow with those populations, and the needs that accompany them. I believe the experience I offer would be a valuable addition to the district.

Respectfully submitted,

Matthew C. Manni